Can I Come Over? I Need to Rest…


Apparently “Triangle Walks” will be the next single off of Karin Dreijer-Andersson’s debut album as Fever Ray.  Another fine choice if you ask me. Definitely one of my faves off of the record…

The single will be available on June 23 via Mute and feature remixes by Tiga and Allez-Allez among others, including this guy from London named Ben Hoo who renders the track relatively loungy and spare.

Hear his take on it now via GvB. To my knowledge, the Tiga version is out there somewhere too if you can find it.

Also, taken in with the lyrics of the song, that single cover is all kinds of unsettling.


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    […] Ray: “Triangle Walks” Music Video Jump to Comments As previously reported, the next single from Karin Dreijer-Andersson’s intoxicating solo debut as Fever Ray, […]

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