Weird Tapes + Memory Cassette = Call + Response


Amazingly, I’ve managed to go the whole year so far with out blogging about these guys, or Weird Tapes for that matter so shame on me.

Anyway, Memory Cassette is something of a sister/spinoff project to the aforementioned Tapes. They’re all based out of the Philly/Jersey area and may or may not have ties/origins with Hail Social (I’m actually pretty sure one of the those guys is involved, just not sure which one).  They do a dreamy kind of electrowavepopwhatever that I really like and apparently so do a lot of other people

I’m slightly partial to Cassette if only for the breathy female (?) vocals that consistently pop up in their songs, and as fate would have it, they seem to be getting an official release. Acephale Records and Sincerely Yours will release the Call & Response EP as a limited edition 7″ later this month. There are only 500 copies available so you best pre-order now.

Discobelle made me privy to this one so as a thank you, allow me to direct you to their post on the matter, which includes a nifty tropical remix of one of the new songs on the release courtesy of Friend.

Also check out the Weird Tapes blog, which is ripe with virtually albums’ worth of free swag songs from both groups already.


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