Friday Bridge x Johan Agebjörn = Case Closed


Friday Bridge is Ylva Lindberg and Niklas Gustafsson. They’re an electropop duo based out of Sweden, which in and of itself implies awesomeness. It seems they’ve been around since 2004 but I only just came across them a few months back when they released their new album Bite My Tongue. Good stuff. It reminds me of a slinkier, more muscular Au Revoir Simone. Lindberg handles much of the singing, but one of my favorite songs by them is “This Case is Closed,” a warm, breathy ballad featuring Gustafsson on the chorus…

Apparently Johan Agebjörn agrees with me, because he took the track and cranked out a pretty sick remix of it. Gustafsson is absent from this version, but its new Italo sheen recalls Agebjörn’s work with Sally Shapiro, which is seldom if ever a negative.

The track is being offered as a free download right now so you can’t go wrong. Check it below.

This Case is Closed (Johan Agebjörn Remix)


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