The Pleasure is All Mine


Per Sally and Johan’s own words, My Guilty Pleasure, the highly anticipated (by me at least) to Sally Shapiro’s wistfully gorgeous Disco Romance is “currently at the pressing plant” and slated for release on August 25 (with LP availability this time, yay!). In addition the usual awesomeness that is Johan Agebjörn, the album will also feature Cloetta Paris and Tensnake in some form, as well as a return songwriting appearance from Roger Gunnarsson.

Tracklisting is below.

If memory serves, “My Fantasy” may have previously appeared as a b-side on their “He Keeps Me Alive” single a while back. Speaking of singles, first Guilty one “Miracle” will be available next week digitally and can be pre-ordered right now over at Paper Bag. Did I mention that it’s massive??? You can still check out the free version over at the Gum Drop.

You’re welcome…

01 Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon
02 Looking at the Stars
03 Love in July
04 My Fantasy
05 Let It Show
06 Moonlight Dance
07 Save Your Love
08 Dying in Africa
09 Miracle


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