The Return of The Weekly OMFG!


In part because I’d like to start featuring recurring posts on here again, and also because I marathoned through the latter half of this season of Gossip Girl over the weekend, I give you the return of Pop That Rocks’ Weekly OMFG.

Resurrected from my Blogspot days, this rolling list feature five artists who are currently making me go (say it with me) OMFG. The list will be updated every week with any changes as well as with the occasional post spotlighting any noteworthy additions.

So without further delay…


1. jj

The newest import from Sweden, courtesy of the increasingly formidable Sincerely Yours label. This enigmatic duo crafts some of the most clever and alluring summer pop this side of Foxbase Alpha, with soft Balearic beats, darkly funny lyrics, and sinsterly seductive vocals delivered by an equally enigmatic female singer.

shapiro2. Sally Shapiro

Sweden representing! Our favorite Gothenburg Italo princess releases her gorgeously wistful new “summer single” this week on Paper Bag. The track, featuring robo-angelic back-up vocals from fellow Italo protoge Cloetta Paris, is from her forthcoming My Guilty Pleasure, out Aug. 25), and even comes with a cute music video…

bibio3. Bibio

Stephen Wilkinson really comes into his own as an artist on his latest, greatest release, Ambivalence Avenue. With it, he has created a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive masterpiece of equal parts folk, funk, electronica and lo-fi, one that should easily appeal to fans of Grizzly Bear as well as fans of Burial, Flying Lotus, and the like.

phaseone4. Phaseone

After earning of wealth of good faith in the blogsphere with impressive remixes of artists like Grouper and Animal Collective among others, the St. Louis producer makes good on his early promise with his debut instrumental opus, the ironically titled Thanks But Not Thanks. His own beats and soundscapes are every bit as awesome as those he remixes, like Blade Runner run through a dubstep filter. And he’s offering his entire album up for FREE soon!

laroux5. La Roux

Though only available as an import in the States for the time being, Elly Jackson’s debut ode to everything ’80s has elevated her status from indie underdog to fullfledged hitmaker, beating out previous mainstream frontrunner Little Boots with a nostalgic yet modern batch of instantly appealing songs that already play like a greatest hits collection.

Full-fledged reviews of Phaseone, Sally, and maybe more to follow in the coming weeks…


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