woodhands got nothing to worry about

i have to admit. i’m a little bit surprised that there haven’t been a lot of high profile remixes of this peter bjorn & john song. sure living thing won’t exactly be topping my list at the end of the year, but ‘nothing to worry about’ qualifies as a hit for them right? come to think of it, were there that many remixes for ‘young folks?’

anyway, current paper bag records golden boys woodhands have given it the old college try. they extend the track a bit and pad it out with some menacing synth squiggles and a chilling vocodered voice that seems to stalk the D.A.N.C.E children’s choir from the original. there’s some interesting marching band percussion towards the end of it as well. i think i like this. i think you may too. have a listen courtesy of paper bag after the jump.

nothing to worry about (woodhands remix)

woodhands are wrapping up a mini us tour this week and then play the monolith festival next month.


08/12 – indianapolis, in @ radio radio
08/14 – brooklyn, ny @ Littlefield
08/15 – new York, ny @ tribeca grand (gbh party)
09/12 – morrison, co @ monolith festival @ red rocks


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