a new artist a day – nathan q

i promised one new artist a day and i’m sticking to it. my goal with this feature is to provide exposure to artists who don’t necessarily get it elsewhere as well as will myself and others to try out new things. should be fun hopefully.

to kick things off, i present a producer/dj from germany by the name of nathan q.

a self-described “making the world a better place kind of guy,” nathan currently studies the human intellect (funny, i thought such a thing to be a myth) and also makes some pretty slick dance beats, baring shades of dubstep, trance, drum & bass, and house.

the effect is fairly bangin’ if you will, and i’d mostly certainly hit the floor if this came on at a club. you know, if i ever actually went to a club.

have a listen to a couple sample tracks here and then check out the dude’s pretty awesomely designed website. i’m partial to “big house” myself. he’s also got a few mixes made for your pleasure.

happy listening!

big house:

Nathan Q – Big House by NathanQ

sodom featuring mcfly:

Nathan Q – feat. Mcfly – Sodom by NathanQ


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  1. Nathan Q Says:


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