free deastro!

i know i’m trying to stay away from heavily reported stuff, but i can’t help it when an artist’s shit is this great.

moondagger, the recent debut album from deastro (aka 22 year old randolph chabot) is definitely one of the sleeper hits of the summer for me. the album is bursting with ambition and melody and its intersecting, interlocking electronics and rhythms remind me of early m83. and don’t even get me started on the conceptual, rpg-recalling lyrics.

as if this album wasn’t incentive enough already to love him, chabot has crafted a brand new, 9 song ep that he’s offering for free via his band blog.

the awesomely titled orange swimmer red summer ep offers a sloppier, sunnier take on its album predecessor. it still shimmers and shines like chabot’s earlier work, but also has a more organic feel and with it a touch more urgency. in this blogger’s opinion, it’s just as essential as its older sibling, and will definitely share the glory on my end of year list come december.

don’t believe me? grab it at the link below and listen for yourself right now. seriously. “red summer” alone should be enough to sell you.

orange swimmer red summer


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