annnnnnd it begins…

well we all knew this was coming. the double-ohs are winding down and it’s time for everyone to start lecturing everyone else about all of the things that mattered and or ‘made an impact’ over the last ten years. in this neck of the blogosphere, that translates into telling everyone what you think were the best albums of the decade. drawing first blood on this front is popular indie blog (and frequent source of new music for yours truly) gorillavsbear. let’s see how they did…

first off, props for beating pitchfork to the punch. being pitchfork and all, they’ve been hyping up their own multi-week, multi-list restrospective of the ’00s to a ridiculous degree. gvb just dropped theirs today, unannounced and unassuming, like any good blog should. they offer their opinion to those interested without making anyone feel obligated to read it. right on.

next, they are referring to this list as their “favorite albums of the ’00s,” not the best. it’s refreshing to see a blog acknowledge that the opinions on it are simply that, and don’t presume to dictate what everyone else should think.

in a rather bold move, they only dropped a list of 20 albums. 20 albums over the span of ten years, with no explanation for any selected. again, i like this because it welcomes readers to make up their own minds about the selections. after all, no amount of words can tell you what actually listening to an album from beginning to end will say about an its quality or relevance.

i’ve made it this far without actually diving into the music itself. as a whole, for a list of 20 albums, i’d have to say they did the decade pretty proud. i’m not saying i agree with all of their selections (white denim feels a little early to tell and i’d have gone with original pirate material over a grand don’t come for free) or sequencing (the knife – way too low), but i think they do a good job of nailing the diversity of music that these ten years have had to offer. i’m glad to see burial getting the recognition he deserves (take that, mercury prize!) and it’s also nice that someone remembered animal collective actually did release records prior to merriweather post pavilion, even if it did take listening to that one to make this blogger appreciate all of the other ones.

you can check out the full list over at their blog (it comes with a foreward from carrrrrrrrles, y’all) or just keep scrolling. it already appears to be sparking some civil but heated debate in their comment section.

it would appear to be officially on now. betterpropaganda already has a list up, 100 albums strong. the fork’s drawing their line in the sand on monday with 500 songs and 200 albums. who’s next? i suppose i best get working on my own list. not sure how i was going to go about making or presenting it. i’m tempted to avoid ranking altogether and just go chronologically, maybe breaking out my fave songs from each decade on my radio show.

we’ll see. suggestions are always welcome.

01 panda bear – person pitch (2007)
02 the strokes – is this it (2001)
03 ghostface killah – supreme clientele (2000)
04 outkast – stankonia (2000)
05 radiohead – kid A (2000)
06 j dilla – donuts (2006)
07 sufjan stevens – michigan (2003)
08 burial – untrue (2007)
09 joanna newsom – the milk-eyed mender (2004)
10 m.i.a. + diplo – piracy funds terrorism vol. I (2004)
11 sigur ros – Ágætis Byrjun (2000) this was the european release date. not sure if that should count
12 the arcade fire – funeral (2004)
13 white denim – fits (2009)
14 animal collective – feels (2005)
15 the streets – a grand don’t come for free (2004)
16 grizzly bear – veckatimest (2009)
17 clipse – hell hath no fury (2006)
18 beach house – devotion (2008)
19 madvillain – madvillainy (2004)
20 the knife – silent shout (2006)

*on an unrelated note, i’ve opted to refrain from posting on the weekends for the time being, unless something really exciting comes up. check back sometime monday for new updates. cheers.


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