hey annie

annie’s looooooong delayed sophomore album don’t stop is finally coming out in november on smalltown supersound.

i have to admit that i wasn’t quite as enamoured with the leaked version that surfaced last year as i was with anniemal, but i’m guessing annie wasn’t either. she’s played around with the sequencing and deleted and added several tracks.

the bad news: no more “sweet” or “i know ur girlfriend hates me” and we still get the wtf-inducing “breakfast song.”

the good news: we also still get “bad times” and the gliding, glistening “songs remind me of you,” that latter of which is available on itunes as a promo right now and rings truer then any of madonna’s latter-day dancefloor confessions.

follow the jump to access it…

every song i hear reminds me of you

the rest of the album is out november 17 (knock on wood) and still features some nifty contributions from richard x, timo kaukolampi and alex kapranos from franz ferdinand.

here’s the revised tracklist:

hey annie
my love is better
bad times
don’t stop
i don’t like your band
songs remind me of you
marie cherie
take you home
the breakfast song
when the night
heaven and hell

i don’t know about the new tracks, but the new album cover alone makes me like this version better.

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