my guilty pleasure and no one else’s?

oh sally. i don’t know what happened. most people don’t seem to be as in love with you the second time around. it’s like now that they know you actually are a real person (albeit with a fake name), you’ve lost your allure.

well fear not, sally. we still love you here at pop that rocks. my guilty pleasure may not pack quite the same dramatic oomph that disco romance did (this is all relative, people), but it still brings nothing but smiles to my face and has proven the perfect complimentary summer pop album to its predecessor’s wintry grandeur.

i had the opportunity to say lots more nice things about it and its strengths for mwdwn magazine this past week. find a link to my review and a free track after the jump…

album review: my guilty pleasure

sally said this album was supposed to “make you fall in love with the person sitting next to you on the bus.” i don’t take public transportation so i can’t vouch for that, but i can say that this album bangs in its own adorably winsome way. it may even have some potential pop singles on it hands: the tensnake-tinged “moonlight dance” and freestyling “save your love” come immediately to mind.

but like romance, one of its highlights is a cover, this time of nicolas makelberge’s “dying in africa.” his alternately morbid and melancholy lyric is spliced over rainfall synths and a house-styled beat evocative of underworld. never has third world stryfe sounded so beautiful.

listen for yourself, courtesy of paper bag, and then get the album. it’s out now.

dying in africa

and sorry about the lack of posts this week. still trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the big relaunch next month. stay tuned…


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