clash of the remixes: au revoir simone

i’m trying out a new recurring post where i take two remixes of a song and stack them against each other to see which is better. let’s see how it goes.

as big a fan as i am of this year’s still night, still light, i’m a firm believer that au revoir simone are a group best enjoyed in remixed form. in fact, i think they’d be even more enjoyable if they just said fuck it and became a full blown dance act. look no further than their stellar turn on friendly fires’ “paris” for evidence of that.

clearly i’m not the only one who thinks this as they’ve got as many djs and artists lining up to discofy their catalogue as any dfa artist these days (and when’s the last time the rapture had a whole album’s worth of remixes released?). for this post, it’s two remixes of a particular track off of their lastest that have piqued my interest. tracks and assessments after the jump…

already one of the dancier songs in their catalogue (and hence of my faves by them), “another likely story” has already spawned two different re-interpretations within a week of each other.

just last week, neon indian (aka VEGA aka alan palomo) applied his dreamy electro aesthetic to the song with a slinkier beat and some deliciously dated synth sounds straight out of an ’80s action movie.

now today comes an 8-bit take on the track courtesy of aeroplane (still waiting on a full length from you guys, btw), with even punchier percussion and a few tropical flourishes that blossum into a lushly layered crescendo that practially drops a mirror ball over your head as you listen.

my pick is the latter of the two when push comes to shove but as always, i’m looking to spark some civil debate so have a listen to both at the links below and leave your thoughts in the comments. also, feel free to comment on other artists you’d like to see in this feature should i continue with it.

another likely story:

neon indian’s version

aeroplane’s version (thanks discobelle!)

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