phoenix = this year’s cut copy?

it may not be besting animal collective or grizzly bear on end of year lists come december, but damn if wolfgang amadeus phoenix still hasn’t proven to be one of the more prolific releases of ’09. like the aforementioned cut copy’s excellent in ghost colours released one year prior, it’s a sweetly seductive summer record for all seasons that has inspired remix after remix after remix, none of which have managed to fuck up the source material. yet.

phoenix is currently prepping a full album of nothing but remixes of their songs (shades of sally shapiro’s remix romances). it’s seeing a digital release on oct. 13 but they’ve been offering fans a steady stream of teasers via their blog, most being different takes on fabled next single “fences” (good choice btw). the takes by friendly fires and soft pack (which may as well just be a cover) are well and good, but my personal favorite of the bunch so far is animal collective’s lovely spin on album instrumental “love like a sunset,” which they’ve even enhanced with their own vocals.

check it out and find out your own favorites right now.


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