Lisztomania: 2009 Edition

let’s face it. 2009 was a wash for me on this blog. i kept trying to start up fresh, only to take on new projects and responsibilties at both my radio station and another music website that i’m trying to help back to health. then there was the whole starting a new relationship/having a life thing that kept getting in the way. all of it added up to less time to be spent on here, and will doubtless continue to.

that said, i still love my blog and miss coming on regularly to rant and rave about stuff i like/dislike in music and pop culture so i’m going to start coming on here on a semi-regular but much more leisurely pace. for reals this time. before letting those good times roll though, i wanted to wrap up what ended up being an exceptional year (not to mention a pretty rad decade) for music. rather than go into those pretentious, long-winded spiels that i’ve done in the past (those will return in due time), i’m just cutting my losses and dumping all of my major lists for the year below at once. i figure all of these albums are great enough that a few good listens each could explain it better than i would.

i tried to play fair and base my inclusions and rankings on both what i listened to the most and what i see myself continuing to listen to more of in the future.

click below to see what made the cut and let me know what i left out in the comments.

my favorite albums of 2009

20. fuck buttons – tarot sport
19. raekwon – only built 4 cuban linx part 2
18. bat for lashes – two suns
17. antlers – hospice
16. japandroids – post-nothing
15. dirty projectors – bitte orca
14. atlas sound – logos
13. a sunny day in glasgow – ashes grammar
12. washed out – life of leisure ep/high times
11. phoenix – wolfgang amadeus phoenix

my favorite songs of 2009

  1. animal collective – my girls
  2. washed out – feel it all around
  3. jj – ecstasy
  4. dirty projectors – stillness is the move
  5. atlas sound – walkabout (feat. noah lennox)
  6. the xx – crystalised
  7. VEGA – no reasons
  8. phoenix – lisztomania
  9. memory tapes – plain material
  10. girls – lust for life
  11. st. vincent – laughing with a mouth of blood
  12. fever ray – now’s the only time i know
  13. grizzly bear – ready, able
  14. cold cave – love comes close
  15. bat for lashes – daniel
  16. the big pink – velvet
  17. neon indian – mind, drips
  18. the golden filter – solid gold
  19. major lazer – keep it goin’ louder
  20. toro y moi – blessa
  21. animal collective – what would i want? sky
  22. a sunny day in glasgow – passionate introverts (dinosaurs)
  23. washed out – you’ll see it
  24. HEALTH – die slow
  25. fuck buttons – surf solar
  26. yeah yeah yeahs – zero
  27. annie – songs remind me of you
  28. delorean – deli
  29. desire – if i can’t hold you
  30. passion pit – moth’s wings
  31. atlas sound – quick canal (feat. laetitia sadier)
  32. pictureplane – goth star
  33. museum of bellas artes – who do you love?
  34. raekwon – house of flying daggers (feat. inspectah deck, ghostface, and method man)
  35. SALEM – frost
  36. bear in heaven – lovesick teenager
  37. girls – summertime
  38. japandroids – i quit girls
  39. antlers – two
  40. neko case – this tornado loves you

my favorite remixes of 2009

florence and the machine – you’ve got the love (the xx remix)
animal collective
– daily routine (phaseone remix)

fever ray
– seven (the twelves remix)

au revoir simone
– another likely story (aeroplane remix)

small black
– despicable dogs (washed out remix)

my favorite albums from the rest of the decade

radiohead – kid a
the arcade fire – funeral
lcd soundsystem – sound of silver
panda bear – person pitch
the knife – silent shout
sigur rós – Ágætis Byrjun
sufjan stevens – illinoise
m.i.a. – kala
outkast – stankonia
the avalanches – since i left you
daft punk – discovery
interpol – turn on the bright lights
white stripes – white blood cells
animal collective – sung tongs
joanna newsom – ys
spoon – kill the moonlight
wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot
jay-z – the blueprint
burial – untrue
modest mouse – the moon & antarctica
the strokes – is this it?
the streets – original pirate material
deerhunter – microcastle
hot chip – the warning
broken social scene – you forgot it in people

happy 2010 all.


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