welcome back stylus! sort of…

throughout college, one of, if not my absolute, favorite online music sites was the late, great stylus magazine. i didn’t always agree with their reviews or music tastes, but i did always respect and appreciate them for their variety and honesty. i discovered many of my current favorite albums and artists through them. their genuine wealth of journalistic craft and integrity made it all the the sadder when they shuttered at the end of 2007, coming off of what was arguably the best year for music of the last ten.

as i started reading and weighing the various best-of-the-decade lists back in the summer when they were cropping up, i often thought to myself how much i missed stylus and how awesome their list would be had they made one. wouldn’t you know? several contributors to that site felt the same way, and decided to do something about it.

again, i don’t necessarily agree with all of the decisions made here, but of all of the major lists i’ve read, this one is pretty damn good, and probably my favorite of the bunch. as always, their inclusions are varied and true to the spirit of stylus, including not only many of my own top 25, but also several albums that just missed it, namely peak efforts by cut copy, sleater-kinney and missy elliott off the top of my head.

head on over to the stylus decade (certainly a better, more appropriate name for the last ten years than the ‘oughties) to check out the full lists of top songs and albums of the decade, each 100 long, as well as several very well-written retrospective essays on various issues of relevance.

for a brief, shining moment, my favorite website lives again.


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