a few random notes regarding coachella 2010

  • the organizers seem like they were really concerned with opening and closing the weekend with a bang, not so much with day two.
  • speaking of day two, girls and beach house feel awfully low on the roster for the buzz they’ve been generating lately.
  • john waters hitting the festival circuit? nice.
  • karin, what are you doing to me? i had finally made peace with missing my chance to see you in new york and now you’re coming out of retirement as fever ray already?
  • why does thom yorke now have question marks as part of his solo moniker? is it some kind of built-in disclaimer that he may cancel at the last minute?
  • jay-z and lcd may be the best one-two punch in recent festival memory
  • they better have something at least as impressive as this line-up for all points west later in the year. seriously, they owe us BAD.

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