cool find of the day: any decent music

i found this cool website called any decent music while pretending to work this afternoon. basically, it’s metacritic without all the fluff about film and tv and books and video games.

it compiles reviews of an album from all over the web and calculates the average rating of each. what makes it better is that it allows you to customize your charts based on genre of music, including subgenres like dubstep and synthpop (what? no chillwave yet?). you can also filter by how recentness of release and publication. bonus points to tallying scores from quality, non meta-assimilated websites like the quietus.

even better, it features daily recommendations and rotating playlists courtesy of mixpod, an idea i plan on incorporating into my own site very soon (thanks guys!)

check it out. the site’s still fairly newish, having only been active for around 14 months. how else could you explain their top rated albums ever being basseyou kouyate and the new these new puritans. they can’t possibly be that good. can they???


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