pop that y-rocks 2.2.2010

catch my weekly two-hour radio show, the circuit, online on y-rock on xpn tonight at 10pm and again saturday at 9pm. this week features new music from lali puna, golden ages, yeasayer, the knife, millionyoung and many more.

playlist for this week:

  1. glasser – learn (john talabot remix)
  2. four tet – sing
  3. giorgio moroder – first hand experience in second hand love
  4. dam-funk – mirrors
  5. yeasayer – O.N.E.
  6. lali puna – remember
  7. ghosthustler – someone else’s ride
  8. neon indian – deadbeat summer (database remix)
  9. marina & the diamonds – hollywood (monarchy gliese remix)
  10. joy orbison – hyph mngo (andreas saag’s house perspective)
  11. saint etienne – girl VII (richard x remix)
  12. future trends – eyes from heaven
  13. millionyoung – soft denial
  14. pictureplane – time teens
  15. golden ages – right season
  16. phoenix – 1901 (memory tapes remix)
  17. the avalanches – electricity (harvey’s nightclub re-edit)
  18. kathy diamond – between the lines
  19. desire – mirror mirror (mirror people remix feat. the dark esquire)
  20. junior boys – the animator
  21. the knife – the height of summer
  22. lemonade – lifted

*just received a DMCA take down for this post, even though nothing was posted illegally. quit fucking around blogger. grow a pair. and a brain.


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