black and white horse

i mentioned a while back how surprised i was that more people weren’t remixing beach house. lo and behold, two remixes of teen dream standout “zebra” are floating around the interwebs. wouldn’t have been my first pick off of the album for such a thing, but it will certainly do.

first we have a remix by them jeans, who i’m beginning to think may be slightly one-trick pony. i’ve often appreciated how he could make the undanceable danceable (last year’s redo of the xx’s “shelter” comes to mind), but he often just adds a stronger 4/4 beat to the proceedings without changing much else. in the case of beach house, that hardly makes a difference. if anything, the punchier beat and new synth chimes distract from the beauty of the original.

zebra (them jeans drum edit) (thanks blastercase!)

i’m far more excited by the new interpretation of the song by san francisco producer ring trick, who loops the song’s lead guitar lick and victoria legrand’s vocal refrain into a gorgeous, sunbathed trance. euphoria ensues when a bright synth arpeggio bursts through four minutes in.

zebra (ring trick remix) (thanks covert curiosity!)

beach house are currently touring with washed out, who sadly will not be joining them for their philly performance at the first unitarian church on may 7.

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