pop that y-rocks 2.23.2010

catch my weekly online radio show, the circuit, tonight at 11pm ET and again saturday at 9pm ET, only on y-rock on xpn. this week, you can hear new music from FUR, white hinterland, class actress, hot chip, four tet and many more. if you have a track or artist you’d like to be considered for the circuit, hit me up via email or twitter.

this week’s playlist:

1. CANT – ghosts (class actress remix)
2. beach house – zebra (ring trick remix)
3. white hinterland – no logic
4. foreign born – early warnings (boys like us rostam batmanglij remix)
5. primary 1 – foaming (white room version 05)
6. toro y moi – minors
7. hot chip – alley cats
8. saint etienne – heart failed (in the back of a taxi)
9. active child – wilderness
10. bibio – jealous of roses (pivot remix)
11. magic wands – warrior (the xx remix)
12. coyote clean up – lackadaisacal luv XXX F-U 2 (FUR remix)
13. illum sphere – agent white
14. memory tapes – swimming field
15. class actress – journal of ardency
16. quiet village – can’t be beat
17. chromatics – lady
18. CFCF – come closer
19. joy orbison – the shrew would have cushioned the blow
20. the knife – we share our mother’s health (RATATAT remix)
21. pantha du prince – stick to my side (feat. noah lennox)
22. burial – raver
23. four tet – she just likes to fight


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