the golden filter x clock opera

so yeah. the golden filter’s forthcoming debut album voluspa leaked. sucks for them but these thing happen. rather than take it laying down, penelope and stephen are graciously offering the entire album for free digitally with pre-orders of the physical release (both CD and vinyl) at their website, along with two bonus tracks not included on the album proper (though i predict one of them may be the already available “favourite things”). the bargain’s definitely worth it.

they’ve also released a new remix of their single “hide me” by london’s clock opera, who kind of does kind of a four tet thing with it that i’m really digging. hopefully you will too.

listen to it here or go to their website and download it yourself for an email/tweet/facebook request.

hide me (clock opera remix)

voluspa comes out physically on april 26 internationally, june 15 stateside.


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