too drunk or not enough?

am i the only one still on the fence about this one? i always seem to have a knee jerk reaction with the first single from each lcd soundsystem album, only to fall in love with the whole thing when it comes out. still, after the depth and resonance of sound of silver, this back-to-basics party fodder strikes me as curious.

i just hope there’s enough stuff on par with “someone great” or “all my friends” on the new album to compliment these tracks, especially if the rumors are true and this will actually be james murphy’s last one.

new album’s out may 18 on DFA. still no word on a title yet.

UPDATE: it’s called this is happening. well put, mr. murphy.


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One Response to “too drunk or not enough?”

  1. first impressions: lcd soundsystem – this is happening « Pop That Rocks Says:

    […] i had even started to fear that fatigue had already set in with the debut of new single, “drunk girls,” which like “north american scum” before it felt like a comparatively meh single […]

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