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memory tapes get visions of trees


the next memory tapes remix in the series that dayve hawk is releasing in honor of seek magic‘s vinyl repress (available here) comes courtesy of visions of trees.

they bring the chilled “green knight” to a percolating boil that suits it perfectly for the club.

check it out.

memory tapes – green knight (visions of trees remix)


the big pink, oOoOoOo…


mysterious goth-juke outfit oOoOo (or as i like to think of them, the message that peter griffin’s alpha-bits keep trying to send him) have taken the big pink‘s “tonight” and done some truly terrifying things to it.

and yet i can’t stop listening to it. can you?

the big pink – tonight (oOoOo remix)



another sundancing delight from lovelife (aka alan palomo’s former co-ghosthustler noah jackson). this one’s a little more ready for the floor than “jimmys” but no less groovy for it.

check it.


hot chip on xpn and npr


tune into y-rock on xpn tonight at 9pm ET as i join my fellow dj joey o. for an exclusive interview with hot chip as well as an intimate in-studio performance of various tracks from their great new album one life stand. i had the pleasure of catching them live this weekend for the third time and can vouch for how much ass they kick live.

if you need further proof, you can listen to their entire apr. 24 performance in D.C. over at npr right now.

if you miss the interview tonight, you can catch it when it re-airs on next week’s circuit. cheers.

pop that y-rocks 4.27.2010


my weekly internet radio show the circuit airs tonight at 10pm ET (and again saturday at 9pm ET), only on y-rock on xpn. tune in to hear new music from M.I.A., caribou, active child, clock opera, twin sister and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is circuit-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

this week’s playlist with free sonic swag is as follows:

kisses – bermuda (active child remix)
laurel halo – supersymmetry
cold cave – life magazine (the arthur baker’s not going back remix)
crystal castles – baptism
delorean – real love
the joy formidable – whirring (BRAHMS remix)
monarchy – gold in the fire
thieves like us – never known love
daft punk – something about us
twin sister – lady daydream (cassette version)
memory tapes – bicycle (little loud remix)
marina and the diamonds – i am not a robot (clock opera remix)
hot chip – thieves in the night
body language – sandwiches (alaska in winter remix)
yoko ono – give me something (junior boys remix)
caribou – sun (spirituals remix)
psychobuildings – portrait
silent diane – juliet the painting
lo-fi-fnk – marchin’ in (astronomer remix)
au revoir simone – only you can make you happy (PUNCHES remix)
sensual harassment – daddy long legs
LCD soundsystem – movement
M.I.A. – born free
holy fuck – latin america

first impressions: flying lotus – cosmogramma


*you can thank mr. steven ellison himself for this first impression. he’s currently streaming his latest opus in its entirety at his myspace page.

at just 26 years old and two album under his belt in the last three years, steven “flying lotus” ellison has handled the increasing buzz and pressure surrounding him very well. between his current opening slot for thom yorke’s new project atoms for peace and recently being dubbed the “hendrix of hip-hop,” expectations are understandably pretty high for his upcoming cosmogramma to deliver, especially considering that it’s following up los angeles, one of the more masterful hip-hop releases of any era. fortunately, rather than retreat or retread old territory, ellison has bravely, brilliantly lept forward. just as los angeles was a tightly constructed metropolis of interlocking beats and rhythms, this new self-proclaimed “space opera” sprawls outward and upward into a new sonic stratosphere.

more immediate observations after the jump…


metal confection


woke up today to discover this intriguing gem of an artist over at 20jazzfunkgreats. her name is laurel halo and she hails from brooklyn, ny like so many other intriguing artists are doing these days. she hooks you in with the same kind of ethereal electro-pop that white hinterland and glasser are trafficking. this stuff is darker and a little more ominous, but no less alluring.

she has a new EP called king felix that you can download for free right now. good deal. preview the syrupy, xx-meets-4AD dubstepper “metal confection” below and then grab the rest. perfect listening for this rainy monday.

metal confection

the rest

memory tapes gets a little loud


dayve hawk’s sublime memory tapes debut seek magic is getting a limited vinyl repress through acephale and sincerely yours. best get it now if you haven’t already.

hawk has also commissioned a few of his friends to submit remixes from the album that he’ll be unloading over the next few months, beginning with this glistening take on “bicycle” by little loud. check it out.

bicycle (little loud remix)

born free


new M.I.A. song has surfaced online. she wears riot-grrl very well, not that i’m surprised.

this will most likely turn up on her as-yet-untitled third album, which come out june 29.

you can drop an official single any time now, maya.

SPIN-ning around


i remember being a regular SPIN magazine subscriber in high school. i think it was right around the time that they released their “90 best albums of the 90s” that i started to read them regularly, often enjoying their cover interviews, reviews, and 40 most interesting artists of the now or whatever the hell that feature was. bear in in mind that this was before i had regular access to the internet.

as i moved onto college and into the world of online music journalism, i canceled my subscription, finding their focus shift farther and farther from artists that interested me and and finding myself perplexed and even put off by their increasingly idiosyncratic list making (don’t get me started on that greatest bands of all time debacle. you know, the one with KISS on the cover?).

that said, i still find myself occasionally checking back for anything noteworthy. sure enough, i found myself face to face this morning with a new “definitive” SPIN list: the 125 best albums of the past 25 years, or the lifetime of the magazine. basically, it’s the same damn list they made on their 20th birthday plus 25. as always with lists like these, there are only so many ways to fuck it up (i mean radiohead: check. smiths: check. public enemy: check). but damned if SPIN didn’t find a way to raise my eyebrow in other ways, particularly in rankings and the repeat appearances of certain artists over others.

you can see the full list for yourself here or just get the cliff notes version plus my thoughts after the jump… (more…)