o (mfg)

now this is more like it. the newest full-length song from jonna… i mean, iamamiwhoami appears to be the full-length version of this clip, which was always my favorite of the teasers.

you also finally get a full, unobstructed view of the lady herself in this nocturnal, knifey video, and i think we can all agree at this point that she’s exactly who we all think she is. unless some of you still think it’s christina aguilera, in which case you’ve probably stopped paying attention.

i was only mildly moved by the previous full-length iamamiwhoami song so this is very encouraging and has me hopeful that the rest of the stuff we heard wasn’t just a case of bait and switch.

but we shall see. in the meantime, we’ve got this. enjoy.


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  1. t « Pop That Rocks Says:

    […] being sick of feeling strung along. that said, this is probably my favorite iamamiwhoami song since this one. plus i’m a sucker for anything that references “where the wild things […]

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