florrie x florrie

bewitching new xenomania protege florrie continues to put herself out there in remixed form for all to hear. first, she posted remixes of her new song “panic attack” from justin faust, def starr and bit funk, none of which are too shabby. now, she’s taken it upon herself to remix her first track, “call 911.” what it lacks in fred falke’s disco glide it makes up for with stuttering club bangery.

grab it here and check out the other three remixes below courtesy of her website.

call 911 (florrie remix)

panic attack (justin faust remix)
panic attack (def starr remix)
panic attack (bit funk remix)

i’m liking this trend of artists remixing their own stuff. i’m even kind of liking how they’re starting to release the remixes before the originals, though i worry that may end up dwarfing them when they finally arrive.


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