free music friday

thought i’d leave everyone with something good before i took off for the weekend. today, we’ve got two great new free releases from new artists to compliment the maturing spring weather.

first up, we have chicago’s glitter bones, who specialize in a warm, intoxicating blend of dreamwave, shoegaze and psychedelics. their new EP returning the magic is available for free via their bandcamp page. hear a sample of the seductive sunshine below:

glitter bones – glow in the dark

thanks i guess i’m floating!

next, we have a new full-length release from montreal’s grimes, aka claire boucher. think grouper mixed with nite jewel with a dash of cocteau twins. sounds good, right? her new album geidi prime is out now on arbutus records and can be tried out for free right here. check out a highlight first:

grimes – avi

thanks gvb!

have a good weekend all.

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    […] from a group called blue hawaii. imagine the slinky hypnojams of their labelmates grimes (whose geidi prime cassette is still one of my spring faves) through a sunnier looking glass. or a sunny day in glasgow fronted […]

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