only you can make you happy

the bio for this new brooklyn-based DJ troupe tells their story far better than i ever could:

PUNCHES was born during a cab ride one cold, Brooklyn December night, with thoughts of warm weather and the perfect summer soundtrack. Composed of twin brother DJ’s Finger on the Pulse, Alan Astor and The Kid Robb, PUNCHES is united by a common goal to get you moving. The sound is dynamic and fresh, heavily influenced by disco vibes with indie elements. They have produced original tracks featuring Alan Astor on vocals, as well as an official remix for indie pop sweethearts Au Revoir Simone. Based in Brooklyn, PUNCHES plan on setting the night ablaze in a club near you.

what they said. that remix in question would be of dreamy still night, still light standout “only you can make you happy.” they give it a twelves-style roller-rink makeover that’s more than a little addictive.

hear for yourself.

au revoir simone – only you can make you happy (PUNCHES remix)


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    […] PUNCHES announced themselves to the world last month via a pretty killer au revoir simone remix, with an intention to “set the night ablaze in a club near […]

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