pop that y-rocks 5.4.2010

my weekly internet radio show the circuit airs tonight at 10pm ET (and again saturday at 9pm ET), only on y-rock on xpn. tune in to hear a special re-airing of y-rock’s interview with alexis and joe from hot chip (including exclusive in-studio performances of songs from one life stand) as well as new music from the golden filter, caribou, wild nothing, holy ghost!, flying lotus and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is circuit-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

this week’s playlist and free sonic swag after the jump…

hot chip – i feel better (live at wxpn)
hot chip – alley cats (live at wxpn)
hot chip – slush (live at wxpn)
memory tapes – green knight (visions of trees remix)
the golden filter – look me in the eye
caribou – odessa (junior boys remix)
lovelife – 1994
yeah yeah yeahs – maps (ATLAS remix)
wild nothing – chinatown
deradoorian – you carry the deed (hidden cat remix)
LCD soundsystem – drunk girls (holy ghost! remix)
delorean – stay close (sun airway remix)
holy ghost! – say my name
monarchy – it must be love
pallers – the kiss
FUR – tunnels
flying lotus – …and the world laughs with you (feat. thom yorke)
fol chen – in ruins (baths remix)
laurel halo – metal confection
the big pink – tonight (oOoOo remix)


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