silver columns

oddly, i’ve managed to feature silver columns in several installments of the circuit without ever actually featuring them on the blog. not sure how that happened. probably because i never knew enough about them to do a post. i still don’t truthfully. they started out as a duo working anonymously out of london. then they revealed their true identities and i still don’t know who the hell they are. but i like their songs so far all the same. electro-poppy goodness all around.

this is their first official video for their single “cavalier.” some definite shades of hot chip going on here.

to further make up for my lack of proper coverage of these guys, here’s two new silvery remixes to enjoy. one is a remix of the above track by astronomer (good). another is their own remix of new foals single “this orient” (really good).


silver columns – cavalier (astronomer remix)

foals – this orient (silver columns remix)



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