better pop music for summer

something in construction is offering up a free compilation of 19 choice cuts to start your summer off right. a good number of these songs have already been floating around for some time now, but there’s more than a fair share of exclusive inclusions, and they all hold together quite nicely as a seasonal soundtrack.

see the tracklist and hear a couple highlights after the jump, then grab the whole thing here.

there will be fireworks – foreign thoughts
the forest and the trees – to the forest
acrylics – molly’s vertigo
miniature tigers – cannibal queen
fitness club fiasco – forest city
class actress – journal of ardency
memory tapes – graphics (remodel edit)
caribou – odessa
ceremony – someday
jessica lee mayfield – kiss me again
freelance whales – generator 2nd floor
the silent league – when stars attack
air france – GBG belongs to us
washed out – feel it all around
new moods – dying trying
memory cassette – surfin’
phoenix – 1901 (memory tapes remix)
fear of tigers – please don’t leave
rest – drinking again



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