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aeroplane craves paris


it’s shaping up to an eventful year for belgium’s aeroplane. first they finally announced their debut album “we can’t fly” (along with the predictably swell title track/single). then the duo shrunk down to just vito de luca after stephen fasano elected to pursue other endeavors.

now they’ve officially acquired 10,000 facebook fans, and vito is thanking everyone for the support by releasing a terrific new remix/mash-up of friendly fires‘ au revoir simone assisted gem “paris” and new buzz track “crave you” by another aerially named group, flight facilities. i had no clue who the latter group was before this track but am now pretty deadset on tracking down everything else to their name.

let’s see if you feel the same. enjoy your flight.

aeroplane – i crave paris (friendly fires vs. flight facilities)


annie x the swiss + donnie sloan


kind of surprised it’s taken this long for people to start remixing this annie song. after all, it was simultaneously the lead single and soaring centerpiece from last year’s don’t stop.

whatever the reason for the delay, this rollicking redo by australia’s the swiss and donnie sloan was well worth the wait and sets the bar high for anyone else who wants to give the tune a go.

grab it below and start soundtracking your summer rooftop parties.

annie – songs remind me of you (the swiss & donnie sloan remix)

light pollution x memoryhouse


i have yet to get my hands on this new light pollution album that’s supposedly out but i grow more impatient for it with each new remix of its lead single “good feelings.” this time, it’s memoryhouse‘s turn. they haze it up into something dreamier, creamier and altogether more delicious.

sample below…

light pollution – good feelings (memoryhouse remix)


pop that y-rocks 6.29.2010


my weekly internet radio show the circuit airs tonight at 10pm ET (and again saturday at 9pm ET) on y-rock. tune in to hear new music from sun airway, janelle monáe, ceo, diamond rings, ariel pink’s haunted graffiti and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is circuit-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

this week’s playlist and mp3s after the jump…


flying high on sun airway


have to thank my friend john for waking me up to these guys. apparently a chunk of philly-based band the a-sides (patrick marscelli and jon barthmaus) regrouped post break-up to start a neat new project called sun airway. they now traffic in the kind of blissed out, chillwavy goodness that’s all the rage right now and i like them all the better for it.

their debut album, the awesomely titled nocturne of exploded crystal chandelier, should be out later this year. in the meantime, they’re offering up a shimmering, strokes-styled song from it called “put the days away,” as well as a couple of not-to-shabby remixes of other artists, the latest and possibly greatest of them being their wonderfully woozy redo of hundred in the hands single “ghosts.”

enjoy them all below. you can thank john yourself here.

sun airway – put the days away

the hundred in the hands – ghosts (sun airway remix)

caribou – sun (sun airway remix)

delorean – stay close (sun airway remix)

murder mystery monday


here are two nifty new songs from NYC-based indie poppers murder mystery. the first one, “i am if you are,” marks the vocal debut of drummer laura coleman and is accurately described by the band as stereolab meets madonna. for the second one, “change my mind,” the group “combines the instantly accessible song craft of the cure and belle & sebastian with the warm, bouncy synths of aphex twin’s ambient works.”

each tune works in its own way. I prefer the first over the second but you may feel differently. listen to both and decide for yourself.

i am if you are

change my mind

zero 7 x fred falke


zero 7 are coming up on their ten year anniversary as a group. while i’ve always found their output to be a little uneven, their staying power is pretty impressive and when they do have it, they rock it (particularly when sia is involved). to mark the occasion, the duo will be releasing a greatest hits compilation called record this tuesday.

fred falke marked the occasion himself with a soaring remix of fan favorite “destiny,” featuring (you guessed it) sia on vocals.

check it below.

zero 7 – destiny (fred falke remix)




more chilled electropop goodness from minneapolis’s elite gymnastics. this is a track from their forthcoming free EP (yes another one), neu! ’92. this will go nicely with those keep shelly in athens jams i posted yesterday.



camping in north ikea


i was going through my mail this week and came across a free EP from a czech duo called prince of tennis. don’t know much about them beyond that but their songs are an enjoyable mix of elements from M83, junior boys and the notwist.

intrigued yet? they has a free EP out called camping in north ikea which you can stream here and download here.

you can also listen to some sample tracks right now because i’m cool like that.

failure is art if you’re a robot


keep shelly in athens


last post for the day, i promise. i just discovered a new mystery act (via) that i had to share. don’t know a thing about him/her/them except that they’re called keep shelly in athens, they hail from greece and they make awesome balearic-tinged, sample-driven gems with more than a few echoes of the sincerely yours artists.

they currently have three songs floating around. all are keepers but my personal favorite is the early-90s throwback jam “cremona memories.”

get them all below:

fokionos negri street

cremona memories

rainy night