the waves

so i think we can all agree that this week has sucked as far as my blogging goes. not that it’s been a particularly noteworthy week or anything, but still. my bad. with that said, i think i may have just found my new most anticipated debut album of the year and i wanted to share it with you.

bicoastal dreampop group tamaryn has actually had a few seductive gems kicking around the internet for a while now (one of which you’ll find below if you haven’t already) but they’re finally getting around to dropping a full-length in the fall. the waves will hit shelves on sept. 14 courtesy of the increasingly hot mexican summer label. they’re currently streaming a teaser track from it called “sandstorm” on their myspace. it evokes all of the best elements of kate bush and 4AD at their respective mid-80’s peaks. definitely check it out.

UPDATE: now we have it in downloadable form. so good.

tamaryn – sandstorm

because i’m not without a heart, you can download last year’s equally enchanting single “mild confusion” below to tide yourself over.

tamaryn – mild confusion


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