flying high on sun airway

have to thank my friend john for waking me up to these guys. apparently a chunk of philly-based band the a-sides (patrick marscelli and jon barthmaus) regrouped post break-up to start a neat new project called sun airway. they now traffic in the kind of blissed out, chillwavy goodness that’s all the rage right now and i like them all the better for it.

their debut album, the awesomely titled nocturne of exploded crystal chandelier, should be out later this year. in the meantime, they’re offering up a shimmering, strokes-styled song from it called “put the days away,” as well as a couple of not-to-shabby remixes of other artists, the latest and possibly greatest of them being their wonderfully woozy redo of hundred in the hands single “ghosts.”

enjoy them all below. you can thank john yourself here.

sun airway – put the days away

the hundred in the hands – ghosts (sun airway remix)

caribou – sun (sun airway remix)

delorean – stay close (sun airway remix)

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