pop that y-rocks 6.29.2010

my weekly internet radio show the circuit airs tonight at 10pm ET (and again saturday at 9pm ET) on y-rock. tune in to hear new music from sun airway, janelle monáe, ceo, diamond rings, ariel pink’s haunted graffiti and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is circuit-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

this week’s playlist and mp3s after the jump…

caribou – sun (sun airway remix)
sun airway – put the days away
cults – go outside (brainbheats remix)
james blake – CMYK
elite gymnastics – montana
keep shelly in athens – cremona memories
teen daze – saviour
janelle monáe – wondaland
monarchy – love get out of my way (tim goldsworthy remix)
diamond rings – show me your stuff
delorean – deli
the national – afraid of everyone (we plants are happy plants remix)
zero 7 – destiny (fred falke remix)
the teenagers – made of
these are powers – anything above nothing
actress – always human
ceo – illuminata
terror bird – i love no
the golden filter – dance around the fire
chromatics – hands in the dark
ariel pink’s haunted graffiti – round and round (night plane disco edit)
crystal castles – suffocation (memory tapes remix)
SALEM – king night
bear in heaven – ultimate satisfaction (the field remix)
baths – hall (the one AM radio remix feat. the los feliz ladies choir)

*on another note, many of you are aware of the changes taking place at y-rock on WXPN. after some serious thought and many words of support and advise from readers and listeners alike, i’ve decided to use this impending transition as an opportunity to move on and end my tenure at the station. fear not, though. pop that rocks isn’t going anywhere. in fact, i plan to continue with the circuit in some form or another online, be it through podcasts, mixtapes, or something else i haven’t thought of yet. as always, i’m more than open to suggestions.

in the meantime, my final show for y-rock will air next week, july 6 at the circuit’s regular tuesday time, and i plan to make a hell of a party out of it to send it off proper so you should definitely tune in to help me relive all the fond memories and greatest hits. feel free to email me any requests or ideas you may have until then, and be sure to follow me on twitter for any further updates regarding my show or the blog in general. cheers.


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