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saturday comes


brooklyn “discogaze” duo the hundred on the hands have been slowly rising on my radar since they opened for the golden filter back in june. they whip up quite the maelstrom live and their recent this desert EP hasn’t strayed far from my iPod all summer, its songs a seductive splicing of broadcast, ladytron and the xx. my boyfriend even hears a little bit of the gossip in the guitars.

they’re finally releasing their full-length, self-titled debut on sept. 24 through warp. this is the video for its premiere single “pigeons.” picture the infamous clip for prodigy’s “smack my bitch up” shot from the second person and blended with santigold’s “L.E.S. artistes.” it’s either just as cool as or cooler than that sounds. watch below and take your pick.




vancouver italo duo (lots of those floating around lately) cosmetics have a new single just around the corner from captured tracks (there they are again too) called “sleepwalking.” it’s a poppier, prettier affair than its predecessor “soft skin,” with aja emma’s vocals inching ever closer to chromatics territory. ruth, johnny and adam better get that night drive follow-up in gear soon. the competition is really heating up for their crown.

cosmetics – sleepwalking


the end of the world is bigger than love


at least according to jens lekman on his new free single. sounds like the sun might finally be coming up over kortedala. hopefully a new album will follow.

jens lekman – the end of the world is bigger than love


transmission 7.28.2010


still working on a new logo but with your help, i’ve decided on a name! my new weekly internet radio show transmission airs tonight at 9pm ET, only on y-not radio. tune in to hear new music from aeroplane, delorean, teen daze, twin shadow, the hundred in the hands and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

tonight’s playlist with mp3s after the jump…


young blood


the naked and famous (LOVE that name) are a new pop group out of new zealand. never heard of them before but their forthcoming new single on neon gold records caught my attention so here we are. “young blood” is apparently the first song from a kiwi artist to reach the top of the new zealand charts in three years. imagine a more muscular version of “little secrets” by passion pit and you’ll get the picture.

the naked and famous – young blood

and look, they even already have a slick ass video to accompany it.

chin up


being the big zola jesus fan that i am, i’m a little surprised it took me until now to discover this new project that nika roza danilova is attached to (exactly how many bands is she in right now?!) with freddy ruppert and xiu xiu‘s jamie stewart. calling themselves former ghosts, they make dark, synth-tinged music that’s not too far removed from (or less alluring than) the recent cold cave output. naturally, nika’s numbers are the standouts.

they already have one album under their belts together, last year’s fleurs, with another called new love due out on october 4 on upset the rhythm. enjoy a taste of it via the black, borderline-balearic beauty of nika spotlight “chin up.”

former ghosts – chin up


and in case you missed it last week, here’s a stunner of a new zola track soon to be featured on the extended edition of their still amazing stridulum EP. sounds like a sister song to joy division’s “atmosphere.”

zola jesus – sea talk

what’s in a name?


my new specialty radio show premiered last night on y-not radio. i tried out the name transmission for it and it was very well received, but just in case, i wanted to bring it to the table and see what everyone else thought. i received several suggestions for show names over the past week and change (some more appropriate than others) and another name that managed to stay afloat longer than a hot second was digitized. i’m personally still leaning toward the former but wanted to open it up to you guys and see what you thought. so, which name should i run with for my new show?




leave your vote in the comments or just e-mail me.

thanks in advance for your input!

dance to the radio


well that didn’t take long, did it? just a few short weeks after resigning as host of the circuit, i found a new gig with the independently run y-not radio. i’ll be hosting a new show called transmission that specializes in the same alternative dance, electronica (take that, john!), and blog beats that you’ve all come to know and love me for. tune in tonight at 9pm ET for two hours of new music from robyn, beat connection, baths, delorean, night gallery and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

tonight’s playlist will go a little something like this…

robyn – don’t fucking tell me what to do
hot chip – transmission
monarchy – love get out of my way (tim goldsworthy remix)
chromeo – don’t turn the lights on
soft metals – the cold world melts
LCD soundsystem – get innocuous!
psychobuildings – terror management
wild nothing – bored games
crystal castles – empathy
sleigh bells – A/B machines
MNDR – fade to black
kisses – people can do the most amazing things (saint etienne remix)
beat connection – in the water
the golden filter – frejya’s ghost
delorean – real love
night gallery – constant struggle
active child – take shelter
florence and the machine – you’ve got the love (the xx remix)
aeroplane – i crave paris (friendly fires vs. flight facilities)
washed out – feel it all around
the knife – heartbeats
baths – plea
hercules and love affair – iris
owen pallett – lewis takes his shirt off (CFCF remix)

surf noir


when did seattle start sounding so swedish? this emerald city-based duo has perfectly captured the sunny spirit of all of those sincerely yours artists that everyone loves so much. they call themselves beat connection and they’re giving away their excellent eight-song EP surf noir for free.

hear highlight “in the water” below and grab the rest from beat connection’s bandcamp page. this song should be enough to satiate anyone with a lingering appetite for new stuff from air france.

beat connection – in the water

for ash


hell. yes. modern guitar goddess marnie stern will release her self-titled third album october 5 on kill rock stars (between this and corin tucker’s solo release, that’s going to be a damn good day). it’ll once again feature zach hill on drums as well as women’s matthew flegel on bass.

here is “for ash,” the album’s thrilling opener. call me crazy but i’m getting kind of a sleigh bells meets battles vibe from this.

marnie stern – for ash