while i was out…

between prepping for my final show and trying to enjoy the fourth of july holiday weekend, some choice new tunes flew past my radar that i had to circle back to spotlight. to save time here they are all at once:

ceo – everything is gonna be alright

ceo‘s debut album white magic is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving this summer, a perfectly chilled post-balearic antidote for the blaringly hot temperatures. apparently eric berglund is hellbent on spoiling us all some more (as if he doesn’t give us enough between this and the tough alliance) with this free b-side from the album. this one hits even closer to his TTA home with it’s abrasive sample breaks and wordless sighs.

florence and the machine – cosmic love (isa machine and lexxx remix)

flo-mach is finally releasing the best song from her impressive debut lungs as a single. took around a year to do it but better late than never. it’ll be accompanied by this atmospheric remix by her own bandmate, isa machine, who got some help from crystal castles collaborator lexxx. it adds a welcome sense of claustrophobia to all of the cloudbusting.

and finally,

cults – oh my god

the final installment of adult swim’s pretty awesome 8 singles 8 weeks series (which has featured the likes of LCD soundsystem, washed out, and madvillain, among others) is a new song from brooklyn upstarts cults. surprise, surprise, it’s another sunny slice of pop nostalgia in the vein of their breakout hit “go outside.” serious surprise, it may be even better than that. the guitar riff is killer.

and there you have it. enjoy!


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