it doesn’t hurt me

this year marks the 25th anniversary of hounds of love by kate bush, which just so happens to be one of my favorite albums ever. few artists since its 1985 release have tried to reach its heights of emotion and ambition, and even fewer have succeeded.

railcars (better known to friends and family as aria jalali) seems to share my love. he’s covering the album in its entirety and just released his mastered version of its timeless signature single, “running up that hill.” admittedly, i have yet to hear a kate bush cover i didn’t like (a true testament to her strength and staying power as an artist), but this is something special. there’s a welcome uneasiness in the tremble of the synthesizer here, and jalali’s languid, reverb-drenched vocal delivery paints the song in a far more harrowing light. he sounds less like he’s making a deal with god than with the prince of darkness. can’t be sure if the rest of his interpretations of the album will be this good, but he’s off to a pretty decent start…

railcars – running up that hill

still might like this version better though. like i said, i’m a sucker for kate bush covers.

chromatics – running up that hill



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