ok so everyone i know on facebook has been doing this so i figured i’d just do my own version of it here. basically the game goes something like this:

“don’t take too long to think about it. fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always stick with you. list the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.”

some of these surprised me, others not so much. while i haven’t listened to some of them in ages, they are all albums that i either listened to obsessively at one time or another or continue to listen to regularly today. i opted to list them chronologically rather than go over the allotted time limit ranking them (barring the one pictured above which is pretty much my favorite album ever).

  1. joy divisioncloser (1980)
  2. kate bushhounds of love (1985)
  3. the smithsthe queen is dead (1986)
  4. cocteau twinsheaven or las vegas (1990)
  5. my bloody valentineloveless (1991)
  6. the breederslast splash (1993)
  7. björkpost* (1995)
  8. radioheadOK computer (1997)
  9. sleater-kinneythe hot rock (1999)
  10. interpolturn on the bright lights (2002)
  11. the postal servicegive up (2003)
  12. the arcade firefuneral (2004)
  13. the knifesilent shout (2006)
  14. hot chipthe warning (2006)
  15. deerhuntermicrocastle (2008)

there were a few artists that made me wish this list could have been pushed to 20 in 20 (LCD, yo la tengo, missy elliott, etc.) but i wanted to play by the rules. these were the first ones that came to me and i stand by all of them. even interpol.

OK, your turn. what are yours???

*homogenic could have just as easily taken this spot (and in all honesty, it originally did), but after a few minutes, i realized that post had the bigger impact on me as it was my first full album exposure to björk.


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