robyn covers björk

here’s her highness robyn doing a formidably faithful cover of “hyperballad” by her highness björk at some ceremony that awarded a shit ton of money to the latter for making some of the best music of the last 2 decades  (or at least the ’90s). this cover seems like such a good fit that i’m almost surprised someone didn’t think to have robyn do it sooner. judging by her faces throughout, however, björk doesn’t seems to enjoy it nearly as much as i do.

what do you think???


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2 Responses to “robyn covers björk”

  1. John V. Says:

    What the *fuck* is Bjork wearing?!?! Man alive.

  2. Maureen Says:

    This is further proof that Bjork is becoming suckier by the minute, what a bitter old lady.

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