Tumbling forward…

Well now we know what a link from Pitchfork really gets you. It gets you made by the DMCA. That’s right, folks. They found me, and once again, they’re giving me grief, resulting in Pop That Rocks being silenced over the past several days. Turns out on WordPress, they won’t even let you post until you contact them to find out you’ve had a post removed. Big time blurg

It’s just as well though. I’d been waiting for the right opportunity to make a change anyway and this gave me just the kick in the ass I needed. Hence, I’m proud to introduce you too…


I’m already liking the new layout better, even though I’m still figuring out a way to incorporate my Twitter feed and blogroll. Be sure to update your feeds, bookmarks, links, etc. in the meantime, and head on over to check out my new reviews of Deerhunter and Glasser, as well as the latest song picked for the Pop That Rocks Interactive Mix Project! I’ll also be putting up my own individual mix (a Pop That Rocks first, finally!) in the coming days.

MP3s may come at a slightly slower rate for the time being as I try to practice extra scrutiny in what I post, but I’ll still be talking about new music that I like whenever I can, as well as playing in every week on Transmission. Hope you’ll keep following me. All twenty of you…


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