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vancouver italo duo (lots of those floating around lately) cosmetics have a new single just around the corner from captured tracks (there they are again too) called “sleepwalking.” it’s a poppier, prettier affair than its predecessor “soft skin,” with aja emma’s vocals inching ever closer to chromatics territory. ruth, johnny and adam better get that night drive follow-up in gear soon. the competition is really heating up for their crown.

cosmetics – sleepwalking



soft metals – the cold world melts EP


having recently signed to captured tracks, portland italo duo soft metals will release their deliciously dark debut EP the cold world melts on august 20. half of the tracks are already available online (and collected below) but it will be worth it to have them in physical form. plus a full-length can’t be too far behind, right?

here’s the tracklist:

1. love or music
2. the cold world melts
3. voices
4. metaux mous
5. another goodbye

italo-cize your monday


italians still do it better, but since they aren’t doing much of anything right now, these songs will do quite nicely.

my favorite of these so far is the debut track from portland’s soft metals (thanks for the rec, gvb!), who’ve got kind of a valerie thing going on here.

the ones from canadian groups gold zebra and cosmetics each scratch the italo itch in their own effective way though, so here they all are.

soft metals – love or music

gold zebra – six years

cosmetics – soft skin

cosmetics have a 7″ available now via captured tracks.