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gentlemen who fell


i already thought that diamond rings was pretty cool. ditto milla jovovich. now that the former has covered an obscure mid-90s song by the latter, i’m even more convinced of said coolness.

listen above and grab an MP3 over at stereogum.


class actress covers neon indian


since covering neon indian is all the rage lately, here’s class actress giving it a go with their slippery take on “terminally chill.” hotness.

class actress – terminally chill (neon indian cover)

robyn covers björk


here’s her highness robyn doing a formidably faithful cover of “hyperballad” by her highness björk at some ceremony that awarded a shit ton of money to the latter for making some of the best music of the last 2 decades  (or at least the ’90s). this cover seems like such a good fit that i’m almost surprised someone didn’t think to have robyn do it sooner. judging by her faces throughout, however, björk doesn’t seems to enjoy it nearly as much as i do.

what do you think???

fever ray covers peter gabriel


a stunning cover/reinterpretation of peter gabriel’s “mercy street” by fever ray is available as a free download for the next 24 hours over at NME. it will be available physically as a 7″ later this year on rabid records and what the hell are you doing still reading this? go get it. now.

millionyoung covers neon indian


and it’s about as dreamy and delicious as you’d expect. i always thought this was one of the more underrated gems on psychic chasms. glad someone agrees.

millionyoung – local joke (neon indian cover)

plenty more where that came from over at millionyoung’s website.


teen daze covers japandroids


say what you will. i don’t care. i couldn’t resist it.

teen daze – wet hair (japandroids cover)

i may actually prefer this version to the original, which is saying something.

teen daze on myspace

hello sunday girl


after the big disappointment that ellie goulding’s debut album turned out to be earlier this year, i was waiting for someone else to come in and take advantage of the missed opportunity. looks like we may have finally found someone (or rather she did). this london-based indie electro ingenue calls herself sunday girl. she skims the same waters as goulding but with more confidence and punchier arrangements that sound club-worthy without sounding cliched. her new single, out august 2, is a slick, goldfrappish cover of laura brannigan’s “self control.”

here’s the video.

and here’s the video for an original she released a while back. it was good enough to warrant remixes from russ chimes and diplo.

it doesn’t hurt me


this year marks the 25th anniversary of hounds of love by kate bush, which just so happens to be one of my favorite albums ever. few artists since its 1985 release have tried to reach its heights of emotion and ambition, and even fewer have succeeded.

railcars (better known to friends and family as aria jalali) seems to share my love. he’s covering the album in its entirety and just released his mastered version of its timeless signature single, “running up that hill.” admittedly, i have yet to hear a kate bush cover i didn’t like (a true testament to her strength and staying power as an artist), but this is something special. there’s a welcome uneasiness in the tremble of the synthesizer here, and jalali’s languid, reverb-drenched vocal delivery paints the song in a far more harrowing light. he sounds less like he’s making a deal with god than with the prince of darkness. can’t be sure if the rest of his interpretations of the album will be this good, but he’s off to a pretty decent start…

railcars – running up that hill

still might like this version better though. like i said, i’m a sucker for kate bush covers.

chromatics – running up that hill


i don’t know if you know…


… but white hinterland just turned out a sleepy, grouper-esque cover of neon indian jam “6669 (i don’t know if you know). it’s not bad.

white hinterland – 6669 (i don’t know if you know)