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transmission 7.28.2010


still working on a new logo but with your help, i’ve decided on a name! my new weekly internet radio show transmission airs tonight at 9pm ET, only on y-not radio. tune in to hear new music from aeroplane, delorean, teen daze, twin shadow, the hundred in the hands and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

tonight’s playlist with mp3s after the jump…



dance to the radio


well that didn’t take long, did it? just a few short weeks after resigning as host of the circuit, i found a new gig with the independently run y-not radio. i’ll be hosting a new show called transmission that specializes in the same alternative dance, electronica (take that, john!), and blog beats that you’ve all come to know and love me for. tune in tonight at 9pm ET for two hours of new music from robyn, beat connection, baths, delorean, night gallery and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

tonight’s playlist will go a little something like this…

robyn – don’t fucking tell me what to do
hot chip – transmission
monarchy – love get out of my way (tim goldsworthy remix)
chromeo – don’t turn the lights on
soft metals – the cold world melts
LCD soundsystem – get innocuous!
psychobuildings – terror management
wild nothing – bored games
crystal castles – empathy
sleigh bells – A/B machines
MNDR – fade to black
kisses – people can do the most amazing things (saint etienne remix)
beat connection – in the water
the golden filter – frejya’s ghost
delorean – real love
night gallery – constant struggle
active child – take shelter
florence and the machine – you’ve got the love (the xx remix)
aeroplane – i crave paris (friendly fires vs. flight facilities)
washed out – feel it all around
the knife – heartbeats
baths – plea
hercules and love affair – iris
owen pallett – lewis takes his shirt off (CFCF remix)

circuit complete…


… or perhaps a better title for this post for symmetrical purposes ought to be “pop that y-rocked.”

whatever you want to call it, the final installment of my weekly internet radio show the circuit aired last night at 10pm ET on y-rock. it featured music from LCD soundsystem, annie, chromeo, delorean, the knife and many more. i hope everyone who listened (or has ever listened) had as much fun as i did. having this outlet to share music with people was a great opportunity and experience for me, and i plan to continue sharing with all of you in whatever form remains or becomes available in the future.

i’d like to once again thank all of the readers and listeners who reached out with their kind words and support for the show as well as invite them and any of you to continue doing so via e-mail or twitter. my twitter especially will be the best place to check in the coming weeks for updates regarding myself, my site, and plans for the future in regards to both.

and of course, i’d like to thank josh t. landow for giving me a shot behind the mic way back in 2008 and XPN for providing the studio and resources to go with that mic. it was a genuine pleasure.

and without further prattling, this week’s playlist and mp3s after the jump…


flying high on sun airway


have to thank my friend john for waking me up to these guys. apparently a chunk of philly-based band the a-sides (patrick marscelli and jon barthmaus) regrouped post break-up to start a neat new project called sun airway. they now traffic in the kind of blissed out, chillwavy goodness that’s all the rage right now and i like them all the better for it.

their debut album, the awesomely titled nocturne of exploded crystal chandelier, should be out later this year. in the meantime, they’re offering up a shimmering, strokes-styled song from it called “put the days away,” as well as a couple of not-to-shabby remixes of other artists, the latest and possibly greatest of them being their wonderfully woozy redo of hundred in the hands single “ghosts.”

enjoy them all below. you can thank john yourself here.

sun airway – put the days away

the hundred in the hands – ghosts (sun airway remix)

caribou – sun (sun airway remix)

delorean – stay close (sun airway remix)

stay close


it may be later than everyone else, we here stateside are finally getting delorean’s full-length follow-up to last year’s blissed out ayrton senna EP. it’s called subiza and it comes out june 8 on true panther, who were kind enough to release the lead off track from the album.

it’s a sunny house number called “stay close.”

get it here.

see, they even have a video for it already…