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drink drank drunk


can’t believe i almost missed this one. philly dream-poppers a sunny day in glasgow will be releasing a new album called autumn, again on october 19. more importantly, it will be available as a free download from the release through, you guessed it, the end of the fall season.

in the meantime, they’ve made autumnal song “drink drank drunk” available for all to hear. it carries on the winningly woozy formula from last year’s masterful, similarly autumnal ashes grammar.

a sunny day in glasgow – drink drank drunk

the album will also be available as a limited edition maroon vinyl. counting the days, folks…


hiding from our time


NYC DJ computer magic was nice enough to bundle up all of her early recordings into a new neat little EP called hiding from our time, which can be downloaded in its entirety for free on her website.

here are some standouts:

computer magic – found out

computer magic – electronic fences

surf noir


when did seattle start sounding so swedish? this emerald city-based duo has perfectly captured the sunny spirit of all of those sincerely yours artists that everyone loves so much. they call themselves beat connection and they’re giving away their excellent eight-song EP surf noir for free.

hear highlight “in the water” below and grab the rest from beat connection’s bandcamp page. this song should be enough to satiate anyone with a lingering appetite for new stuff from air france.

beat connection – in the water



got an email a few weeks back from a new dorm project out of the university of michigan called mellows. they blend acoustic guitars, propulsive drums and 8-bit electronics in a very flaming lips fashion that foreshadows a rematch between yoshimi and the pink robots. fun, chill times.

they’ve got a 7″ coming out at the end of august through their own label, tweaked trays, and royal rhino flying records. in the meantime, their digital EP lenses in tenses is available for free on their bandcamp.

hear a sample track below.

mellows – leakage

guards up


brooklyn buzz magnets cults tweeted last night about featuring on the EP of another mysterious pop project called guards. little is known about them at the moment (like cults, they’ve forgone a myspace page) other than they specialize in the same kind of sunny ’60s throwback pop and they’ve made their (debut?) EP available for free download on their bandcamp page. i just finished listening to it. it’s quite charming.

hear two sample tracks below and then get the rest. one features the aforementioned cults. the other features caroline polachek of chairlift. both are awesome, though my favorite on the EP might be “don’t wake the dead.” like i said, get the rest.

guards – sail it slow (feat. cults)

guards – trophy queen (feat. caroline palochek)

camping in north ikea


i was going through my mail this week and came across a free EP from a czech duo called prince of tennis. don’t know much about them beyond that but their songs are an enjoyable mix of elements from M83, junior boys and the notwist.

intrigued yet? they has a free EP out called camping in north ikea which you can stream here and download here.

you can also listen to some sample tracks right now because i’m cool like that.

failure is art if you’re a robot




an awesome, free new EP from philly’s golden ages. the title track is in fact a toto cover, which should be motivation enough to download.

get it here.

how to destroy angels for free


for those who aren’t already aware, how to destroy angels, the new trent reznor project, is offering up their debut EP for free, high-quality download right now on their website. all you need is an email address.

listening right now. “fur lined” is basically “only” with mariqueen maandig on vocals and “BBB” sounds like it’s trying for nine inch knife and falling just short. everything else is the usual ambient dirge work that reznor seems to be into these days. some of you may be too. me? meh…

better pop music for summer


something in construction is offering up a free compilation of 19 choice cuts to start your summer off right. a good number of these songs have already been floating around for some time now, but there’s more than a fair share of exclusive inclusions, and they all hold together quite nicely as a seasonal soundtrack.

see the tracklist and hear a couple highlights after the jump, then grab the whole thing here.


blue hawaii


more gorgeous bedroom pop up for grabs over at arbutus records. this time, it’s a cassette from a group called blue hawaii. imagine the slinky hypnojams of their labelmates grimes (whose geidi prime cassette is still one of my spring faves) through a sunnier looking glass. or a sunny day in glasgow fronted by amber coffman from dirty projectors.

their aptly titled blooming summer cassette can be downloaded for free here. check out some taster tracks below…


blue gowns