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transparency is the new mystery


a day after saying some not so nice things about best coast (which bethany responded to in lovably classy, brassy fashion last night on the first night of her tour), marnie stern is putting her music where her mouth is and sharing a sweet new song from her forthcoming self-titled album.

i’m liking the relative restraint in her vocals and playing on this song compared to past ones.

marnie stern – transparency is the new mystery



for ash


hell. yes. modern guitar goddess marnie stern will release her self-titled third album october 5 on kill rock stars (between this and corin tucker’s solo release, that’s going to be a damn good day). it’ll once again feature zach hill on drums as well as women’s matthew flegel on bass.

here is “for ash,” the album’s thrilling opener. call me crazy but i’m getting kind of a sleigh bells meets battles vibe from this.

marnie stern – for ash