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aint nobody like memory tapes…


cuz memory tapes don’t stop. this time, mr. hawk improves on this new song by clare maguire in every possible way.

clare maguire – ain’t nobody (memory tapes remix)



everything everything x memory tapes


more memory tapes remixed goodness. this time it’s his elegantly 8-bit take on new everything everything single “MY KZ, YR BF.”

everything everything – MY KZ, YR BF (memory tapes remix)

not that i’m complaining dayve, but seriously, do you ever sleep???

green knight x CREEP


the latest in the ongoing series of remixes celebrating the repress of memory tapes‘ debut album seek magic.

this time, it’s a narcoleptic take on “green knight” by witch-house producer CREEP.

memory tapes – green knight (CREEP remix)

clash of the remixes: crystal castles edition


crystal castles are already beginning to rack up a healthy selection of remixes for their self-titled sophomore album (same title as before, better music). thought it was as good a time as any to break them down.

the first to crop up was a skeletal take of lead single “celestica” by thurston moore. in a rare turn as a remixer, he scrubs away the shoegazing gloss of the original, replacing it with an ominous guitar lick and more reverb on alice glass’s ethereal, karen o echoing vocal. the result maintains the song’s fragile beauty while amping up a sense of metastatic menace.

celestica (thurston moore remix)

next up was a redo of another album standout, “suffocation,” by the ever-prolific dayve hawk of memory tapes. he takes what was already a potent, haunting goth-dance jam and stretches it out, perking up the beat and electronically warping glass into something simultaneously more sinister and seductive. mid song, the remix transforms into what i can only hope is foreshadowing for what hawk plans for his seek magic follow-up.

suffocation (memory tapes remix)

finally, we come to a new version of “celestica” by bear in heaven. beginning with a brooding synth arpeggio reminiscent of dayve’s previous project weird tapes, they let it drop out as glass’s vocal comes in and replace it with a choppier, punchier house rhythm with borderline balearic percussion. it’s good.

celestica (bear in heaven remix) (via)

so which one wins out? hard to say. the bear in heaven remix probably takes the song farthest away from its original incarnation without butchering it, but each one makes its own uniquely awesome case for being the best. truth be told, these are hard songs to fuck up.

take a listen to all three and let me know your faves in the comments. cheers.

bicycle tanlines


another week, another memory tapes remix. this time, it’s tanlines‘ turn to take a crack at “bicycle,” shining it up for your next beach jaunt and returning the favor they owed dayve hawk for remixing “real life.”

hear for yourself…

memory tapes – bicycle (tanlines remix)

matt van schie x memory tapes


sometimes it pays to check out RCRD LBL. discovered this fine gentleman today. he hails from australia and goes by the name of matt van schie. someone clearly likes their old roxy music records if his stuff is any indication.

his very avalon-sounding debut EP balmy nights came out in march. it’s good enough but what caught my attention was a remix of balmy ballad “journey” by perennial ptr fave memory tapes. it’s a good match.

check it out.

journey (memory tapes version)

memory tapes get visions of trees


the next memory tapes remix in the series that dayve hawk is releasing in honor of seek magic‘s vinyl repress (available here) comes courtesy of visions of trees.

they bring the chilled “green knight” to a percolating boil that suits it perfectly for the club.

check it out.

memory tapes – green knight (visions of trees remix)

memory tapes gets a little loud


dayve hawk’s sublime memory tapes debut seek magic is getting a limited vinyl repress through acephale and sincerely yours. best get it now if you haven’t already.

hawk has also commissioned a few of his friends to submit remixes from the album that he’ll be unloading over the next few months, beginning with this glistening take on “bicycle” by little loud. check it out.

bicycle (little loud remix)

tonight tonight: memory tapes + neon indian


memory tapes – bicycle

phoenix – 1901 (memory tapes remix)

More Memory Tapes



Counting the days until the release of the debut album from new Weird Tapes/Memory Cassette amalgam Memory Tapes. While the mysterious group/entity has yet to nail down a release date for the full length, its first single, the alternately sunny and spacey party-starter “Bicycle,” will be out on Aug 18 (available for pre-order here). (more…)