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teengirl fantasy – cheaters (music video)


teengirl fantasy‘s new video/screensaver for their swell new single “cheaters.”

7 AM can’t get here fast enough.





cool video for a gorgeous new track from deerhunter.

what is it with the resurgence of sinead o’connor homages in music videos lately?

robyn covers björk


here’s her highness robyn doing a formidably faithful cover of “hyperballad” by her highness björk at some ceremony that awarded a shit ton of money to the latter for making some of the best music of the last 2 decades  (or at least the ’90s). this cover seems like such a good fit that i’m almost surprised someone didn’t think to have robyn do it sooner. judging by her faces throughout, however, björk doesn’t seems to enjoy it nearly as much as i do.

what do you think???

ways to an end


these guys just caught my ear this morning. they’re called mirrors and this is the video for their new single “ways to an end,” out next week on skint. it has a robert smith-fronting-kraftwerk vibe to it that’s really working for me on this rainy day in philly. not sure how it will play in the sunshine but i’m already on listen number three. check it.

XXXO music video


per M.I.A.‘s twitter:


it pretty much just renders her /\/\/\ Y /\ album cover three dimensional. she looks mighty purty in it though.

your drum


here’s a new perfume genius song for you all to enjoy courtesy of matador. it may clock in at under two minutes, but that’s more than enough time for mr. mike hadreas to melt hearts.

you better know what you’re fighting for


whatever janelle monáe is fighting for in this archandroid highlight, she’s winning. digging the sinéad tear too.

saturday comes


brooklyn “discogaze” duo the hundred on the hands have been slowly rising on my radar since they opened for the golden filter back in june. they whip up quite the maelstrom live and their recent this desert EP hasn’t strayed far from my iPod all summer, its songs a seductive splicing of broadcast, ladytron and the xx. my boyfriend even hears a little bit of the gossip in the guitars.

they’re finally releasing their full-length, self-titled debut on sept. 24 through warp. this is the video for its premiere single “pigeons.” picture the infamous clip for prodigy’s “smack my bitch up” shot from the second person and blended with santigold’s “L.E.S. artistes.” it’s either just as cool as or cooler than that sounds. watch below and take your pick.

hang with me


i know i may be talking about robyn a lot these days, but she’s for real and not pretend. here’s the fully, fabulously synthed out single version of “hang with me” from the forthcoming body talk pt. 2, out sept. 6.

and oh yeah, she dropped by letterman last night too. killed it, of course.

hello sunday girl


after the big disappointment that ellie goulding’s debut album turned out to be earlier this year, i was waiting for someone else to come in and take advantage of the missed opportunity. looks like we may have finally found someone (or rather she did). this london-based indie electro ingenue calls herself sunday girl. she skims the same waters as goulding but with more confidence and punchier arrangements that sound club-worthy without sounding cliched. her new single, out august 2, is a slick, goldfrappish cover of laura brannigan’s “self control.”

here’s the video.

and here’s the video for an original she released a while back. it was good enough to warrant remixes from russ chimes and diplo.