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transmission 8.12.2010


my weekly internet radio show transmission airs tonight at 9pm ET, only on y-not radio. tune in to hear new music from broken social scene, night gallery, washed out, nite jewel, sleep ∞ over and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

tonight’s playlist with mp3s after the jump…



new nite jewelry


nite jewel have covered prophet’s 1984 song “tonight” and made it available for free download. it sounds about how you’d expect a nite jewel cover of prophet to sound, which means pretty good. makes me eager to hear new stuff from ramona, though. particularly if she keeps cleaning up her production like she’s been doing.

grab the track at the nite jewel website in exchange for an email or listen here.