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aint nobody like memory tapes…


cuz memory tapes don’t stop. this time, mr. hawk improves on this new song by clare maguire in every possible way.

clare maguire – ain’t nobody (memory tapes remix)



more florrie remixes


here are two new fantastic fred falke club edits of florrie‘s newest free singles “give me your love” and “you wanna start something.”

give me your love (fred calke club edit)
you wanna start something (fred falke club edit)

robyn better get body talk pt. 3 out and fast. florrie’s neck and neck with the prolific output this year.


reporter x soft metals


it was only a matter of time before this happened. portland’s soft metals have remixed a track for their nu-disco neighbors reporter. their styles fit each other like a glove on the latter’s current single “click shaw,” accenting each other’s strengths without overpowering either.

listen now:

get intimate


the first taste of italians do it better‘s highly anticipated after dark 2 compilation comes in the form of a remix of new label addition appaloosa. apparently these guys are chan “cat power” marshall’s favorite band, but given the tepid reception she’s been receiving at her live shows lately, i’m not sure that’s the ringing endorsement it used to be…

but i digress. the paris/london duo’s new single “intimate” has received a remix from none other than idib tentpole group glass candy. per label head mike simonetti, they turn the already danceable tune into “romantic human league fronted by nico covering stereolab.” there isn’t a part of that analogy that i don’t like.

listen for yourself.

appaloosa – intimate (glass candy remix)

hard to believe this is only glass candy’s second remix in over a decade. they’re pretty damn good at it.

white sky


vampire weekend decided to celebrate joining twitter by posting this new remix of contra track “white sky” by cecile. i’m admittedly not the vampire weekend fanatic that some people are but this is slick, slinky stuff.

vampire weekend – white sky (cecile remix)


chromeo x aeroplane


both chromeo and aeroplane have new albums out in the not too distant future that i’m fairly excited about. this new remix of the former by the latter just gets me more excited for both.

chromeo – don’t turn the lights on (aeroplane remix)

aeroplane releases we can’t fly on sept. 6.

chromeo release business casual on sept. 14.

everything everything x memory tapes


more memory tapes remixed goodness. this time it’s his elegantly 8-bit take on new everything everything single “MY KZ, YR BF.”

everything everything – MY KZ, YR BF (memory tapes remix)

not that i’m complaining dayve, but seriously, do you ever sleep???

all to all remixes


i’ll admit that i probably haven’t been listening to broken social scene‘s forgiveness rock record as much as i should be, but i do find myself revisiting synthpop standout “all to all” quite a bit.

just my luck, then. the band is unveiling a a series of weekly remixes of that very track, starting today with a clubbed out version by sebastian grainger.

broken social scene – all to all (sebastian sexy legs grainger remix)

each remix will be available for 24 hours through a different online partner (this week, p4k gets dibs, natch).

lab test


portland be holding it down lately with the femme-fronted dance pop. reporter will be releasing their disco-licious new album time incredible this week on holocene music. imagine a more angular take on the psych house of fellow PDXers the miracles club.

speaking of, here’s the honey owens-fronted project’s BPitchy remix of time standout “lab test” to acquaint yourself with until you get the real thing. it comes complete with some silent shouty vocal treatment.

reporter – lab test (the miracles club remix)

a lot more remixes are on the way, including one by that other portland dance act i’m all about lately, soft metals.

who do you love?


stockholm’s mysterious museum of bellas artes will finally release their debut album this september on transparent. the label is teasing a soon to be released new single from them called “watch the glow” (an “unstoppable jam,” allegedly). until that drops, have a listen to their first claim to fame, the smashing sapphires cover “who do you love,” plus two remixes.

the first is a new ambient take from cosimo. the second, a soaring, shoegazey version by japan’s handsomeboy technique, is my favorite of the three, but all are worth hearing.

who do you love?

who do you love? (cosimo remix)

who do you love? (handsomeboy technique remix)