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saturday comes


brooklyn “discogaze” duo the hundred on the hands have been slowly rising on my radar since they opened for the golden filter back in june. they whip up quite the maelstrom live and their recent this desert EP hasn’t strayed far from my iPod all summer, its songs a seductive splicing of broadcast, ladytron and the xx. my boyfriend even hears a little bit of the gossip in the guitars.

they’re finally releasing their full-length, self-titled debut on sept. 24 through warp. this is the video for its premiere single “pigeons.” picture the infamous clip for prodigy’s “smack my bitch up” shot from the second person and blended with santigold’s “L.E.S. artistes.” it’s either just as cool as or cooler than that sounds. watch below and take your pick.


first impressions: flying lotus – cosmogramma


*you can thank mr. steven ellison himself for this first impression. he’s currently streaming his latest opus in its entirety at his myspace page.

at just 26 years old and two album under his belt in the last three years, steven “flying lotus” ellison has handled the increasing buzz and pressure surrounding him very well. between his current opening slot for thom yorke’s new project atoms for peace and recently being dubbed the “hendrix of hip-hop,” expectations are understandably pretty high for his upcoming cosmogramma to deliver, especially considering that it’s following up los angeles, one of the more masterful hip-hop releases of any era. fortunately, rather than retreat or retread old territory, ellison has bravely, brilliantly lept forward. just as los angeles was a tightly constructed metropolis of interlocking beats and rhythms, this new self-proclaimed “space opera” sprawls outward and upward into a new sonic stratosphere.

more immediate observations after the jump…